Friday, 24 September 2010

The 2000AD messege board 'secret project'

This was the strip that Shaun Avery (writer) and myself contributed to the 2000AD messege boards secret project, as organised by the Legendary Shark. The project was a huge book of fan, and some pro, artwork and goodwill messeges, all collated into a book which was then sent to artist Carlos Ezquerra, who recently had a lung removed due to cancer. Carlos was allways a favourite of mine as a child and still amazes with his artwork to this day. A true hero to me.

The page was drawn at A4 size, coloured traditionally with inks and a brush.


Staz Johnson said...

Love it!

I'm sure Carlos did too.

Darren said...

Thanks Staz!

Matt Soffe said...

Made me chuckle this one. Outstanding work guys.

Darren said...

Cheers Matt (beth) ditto! :-P