Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I recently found a mint copy of the Judge Dredd Mega-special, from 1993. This issue contains my first paid work, a Judge Hershey story called "hov bus blues", written by the fantastic Robbie Morrison, creator of Nikolai Dante. I had a real nightmare drawing this, as the two things I was'nt confident in drawing, women and vehicles were the two main ingredients of the story! I actually drew the whole thing twice, as then editor David Bishop did'nt like the first panel. Or the fact that she had her helmet on during the whole thing!


Matt Soffe said...

Wow, I had no idea you'd been published, that's well impressive mate! Have you done anything else for 2000AD/Dredd?

Darren said...

Hi Matt. Erm, well I did some inking / colouring oin a future shock. Some more colouring for Sonic the hedgehog(!) and an Ace Rimmer strip for Red Dwarf. Thats about it for the comics stuff. It was easier back then. Any bugger could see print (or so it seemed.)